Dr. Emanuel Revici, MD

The Einstein of Medicine

Emanuel Revici, MD transformed medicine in the 1930's during the laboratory and clinical research he conducted in Paris. By observing the quantum or energetic properties of lipids in health and disease, Dr. Revici discovered non-toxic lipids that treat pain and cancer. Thereafter he pursued his research at the Institute of Applied Biology in Mexico and NYC until his death in 1998 at 101.

Dr. Revici was always 50-100 years ahead of his time. While physicians and scientists have confirmed some of his discoveries in the last sixty years, many remain unrecognized. Once tapped however they stand to transform medicine in the 21st century. Read about Dr. Emanuel Revici and his work.


Dr. Revici’s Non-toxic “Guided Chemotherapy”
By Lynne August MD (Ret.)
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AntiFlameOx II
AntiFlameOx III

Lipid-bound Selenium
Lipid-bound Sulfur
Lipid-bound Zinc
Lipid-bound Copper

The Story of Dr. Revici

This is the story of Emanuel Revici M.D., his groundbreaking medical discoveries and his success in treating pain, cancer and other illnesses with his non-toxic "chemotherapy". It is a true story of a physician whose work was published by the prestigious Pasteur Institute, yet who was subsequently persecuted and prosecuted by the medical establishment. Kelley Eidem captures a genuine feeling of this extraordinary physician often told through the experiences of Dr. Revici's patients. This story will melt your heart.

An Invitation from Lynne August
of Health Equations

In over forty years of study and travel I have not encountered another human being with the radiant genius of Dr. Emanuel Revici. Numerous scientists have recognized Dr. Revici as being 50 to 100 years ahead of his time. I believe the same transformation that occurred in physics last century as a result of Einstein and other physicists will occur in medicine this century once Dr. Revici's work is applied.

Imagine what it might feel like to be in the presence of Einstein. It would be as if you stepped into a vortex where, rather than standing erect, you are inclined toward magnetic north. Naturally occurring visual and perceptual phenomena challenge your assumptions, beliefs and possibly your confidence in truth. That was what it was like for me being with Revici, even while speaking with him on the phone. It is said after Einstein had met with Revici for two hours, he remarked that Revici was the most intelligent person he ever met.

On my website, Health Equations, I offer my interpretations and applications of Dr. Revici's profound research. My offering is based on clinical observations and blood and urine testing over the last 30 years. Admittedly, I have only scratched the surface. I invite the participation of physicians, clinical investigators and lipid researchers to move forward from here.

Please join me in the "Revici vortex." It may be disorienting at first but with a little familiarity you will experience the immense possibilities.

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"The Health Equations Blood Test Evaluation is a simple and inexpensive way to access a great deal of information from "routine" blood work. The computer analysis reveals patterns of dysfunction that are easily missed when looking only at individual blood test "outliers".

These patterns are applications of Emanuel Revici's profound and original insights into the nature of disease and the body's response to it. Dr. August makes the implementation of Revici's ideas possible for the average clinician through her Blood Test Evaluation.

I have been using this system for investigating patients with fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia, poor response to manipulation or neural therapy, toxicity and many other conditions for close to18 years. I would highly recommend it to all physicians with an interest in nutrition and how the body defends itself, whether they be early or late in their careers. "

Robert Kidd MD, CM
Renfrew, Ontario, Canada
Author of "Neural Therapy: Applied Neurophysiology and other Topics"

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