Dr. Emanuel Revici, MD

Dr. Revici’s Non-toxic “Guided Chemotherapy”

By Lynne August MD (Ret.)

Dr. Revici’s penetrating observations of the quantum forces or activity of lipids in health and disease led him to the discovery of “therapeutic agents”, as he called select lipids he administered to countless patients during a span of seven decades. These lipids not only induced significant remissions in many cancers, they did so without any side effects.  Since Dr. Revici’s research was focused primarily on cancer he called these non-toxic lipids “chemotherapy.”

Dr. Revici also proved his therapeutic lipids (TLs) were very effective in the treatment of a host of acute and chronic conditions besides cancer. These include hypertension, cardiovascular disease, addictions, diabetes and autoimmune diseases. TLs are also beneficial for conditions such as allergies, nausea, vertigo, infections, arthritis, fatigue and pain.

What are TLs?

Some are concentrates of lipids found in trace amounts in the body or elsewhere in nature. Others are produced biologically or synthetically. Some therapeutic lipids deliver biologically active elements such as sulfur or selenium directly to cells and tissues. Most TLs are liquids and are taken by mouth.

How do TLs work?

They arrest and disable “pathogenic lipids”, as Dr. Revici chose to call lipids that cause tissue damage and hence disease. Here are three examples of pathogenic lipids:

  1. CORTISOL: While the right amount of cortisol activity is necessary to regulate blood sugar, immune function, inflammation and blood pressure, too much cortisol is harmful. Too much cortisol activity increases blood sugar, blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes while decreasing immunity, bone density, muscle mass and cognitive functions.
  2. INFLAMMATORY FATTY ACIDS: Some fatty acids cause inflammation. Inflammatory activity is necessary to eliminate cells at the end of their life span, destroy all manner of pathogens and cancer cells, mop up injured tissues that are no longer useful, rid the body of allergens and toxins or wall off a penetrating splinter.
    Necessary inflammatory activity is measured, it stops when the job is done. Unbridled inflammatory activity on the other hand is harmful and, unless reined in, will cause irreversible damage to cells and tissues. Autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and multiple sclerosis are the result of inflammation run amok, where joints, thyroid tissue and the nervous system are damaged respectively.
  3. LIPID PEROXIDES: Radiation, whether from x-rays, the sun, nuclear reactors, radioactive materials or radiation therapy, causes particularly virulent inflammation. Radiation not only damages fatty acids in cell membranes, it turns them into lipid peroxides.  Lipid peroxides are free radicals that are self-perpetuating. They damage other fatty acids, which then become lipid peroxides and so on.  Lipid peroxides can turn normal cells into cancer cells.

Succinctly put, pathogenic lipids hijack oxygen. They hijack oxygen from aerobic metabolism resulting in unwanted anaerobic metabolism and free radicals. Anaerobic metabolism and free radicals damage tissues and initiate disease.

The quantum forces of TLs restore wanted aerobic metabolism by arresting and disabling pathogenic lipids.

TL’s and PAIN

Dr. Revici was able to manage pain effectively with TLs. In fact, his TLs were so effective at pain management that many of his patients – including those for whom narcotics and opiates would have been necessary– never required prescription pain medications.

Dr. Revici discovered that tissue pH is either too acid or too alkaline whenever and wherever there is pain in the body. He then identified TLs that best reduced or eliminated either acid or alkaline pain. These TLs arrest and deactivate the specific pathogenic lipid responsible for the aberrant pH.

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